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XC017   Acyclovir 250 mg (100 ct)
XC018   Acyclovir 250 mg (500 ct)
XT017   Amitriptyline HCI 10 mg (100 ct)
XT018   Amitriptyline HCI 10 mg (500 ct)
XC002   Amoxicillin 500 mg (500 ct)
XC001   Amoxicillin 500 mg Capsules
XT015   Atenolol 100 mg (100 ct)
XT016   Atenolol 100 mg (500 ct)
XT003   Atenolol 50 mg (100 ct)
XT004   Atenolol 50 mg (500 ct)
XL508   Brompheniramine Maleate, 1mg/5mL/Dextromethorphan HBr, 5mg/5mL/Phenylephrine HCl, 2.5mg/5mL (4oz)
BT001   Bulk Tablets - Top Score, 1000 ct.
XC100   Capsule Variety Pak A (20 x 100 ct bottles)
XC200   Capsule Variety Pak B (10 x 100 ct., 10 x 500 ct.)
XC300   Capsule Variety Pak C (20 x 500 ct.)
UC100   Capsule Variety Pak D (20 x 50 unit dose)
XT011   Captopril 12.5 mg (100 ct)
XT012   Captopril 12.5 mg (500 ct)
XC023   Cephalexin 500 mg (100 ct)
XC024   Cephalexin 500 mg (500 ct)
XC027   Chlordiazepoxide 5 mg (100 ct)
XC028   Chlordiazepoxide 5 mg (500 ct)
XC013   Clindamycin 150 mg (100 ct)
XC014   Clindamycin 150 mg (500 ct)
XC011   Clomipramine 25 mg (100 ct)
XC012   Clomipramine 25 mg (500 ct)
XF001   Color, Liquid Variety Pak - R, Y, B, G
CL001   Compounding Lab CD
MK101   Crash Cart Kit
GES001   Custom Lab Kits
XK171   Custom Pharmacy Lab Kit - Tomball College
Customization fee   Customization fee
XC037   Diltiazem 120 mg (100 ct)
XC038   Diltiazem 120 mg (500 ct)
XC007   Disopyramide 100 mg (100 ct)
XC008   Disopyramide 100 mg (500 ct)
SL101   Educeutical Starter Kit
XT033   Enalapril Maleate 2.5 mg (100 ct)
XT034   Enalapril Maleate 2.5 mg (500 ct)
XT001   Enalapril Maleate 5mg (100 ct)
XT002   Enalapril Maleate 5mg (500 ct)
VM06   Exploring Your Career Path Options in Pharmacy - Audio CDs by Mike Johnston
XC033   Fexofenadine 60 mg (100 ct)
XC034   Fexofenadine 60 mg (500 ct)
XF489   Flavor Variety Pak (10 x 120mL)
XF189   Flavor Variety Pak (10 x 30 mL)
XF412   Flavor, Bubblegum (120 mL)
XF112   Flavor, Bubblegum (30 mL)
XF411   Flavor, Cherry (120 mL)
XF111   Flavor, Cherry (30 mL)
XF409   Flavor, Creme de Menthe (120 mL)
XF109   Flavor, Creme de Menthe (30 mL)
XF410   Flavor, Grape (120 mL)
XF110   Flavor, Grape (30 mL)
XF406   Flavor, Pina Colada (120 mL)
XF106   Flavor, Pina Colada (30 mL)
XF104   Flavor, Root Beer (30 mL)
XF404   Flavor, Root Beer (120 mL)
XF403   Flavor, Strawberry (120 mL)
XF103   Flavor, Strawberry (30 mL)
XF402   Flavor, Tutti Frutti (120 mL)
XF102   Flavor, Tutti Frutti (30 mL)
XF408   Flavor, Vanilla (120 mL)
XF108   Flavor, Vanilla (30 mL)
XF401   Flavor, Watermelon (120 mL)
XF101   Flavor, Watermelon (30 mL)
XT037   Fluoxetine 10 mg (100 ct)
XT038   Fluoxetine 10mg (500ct)
XT005   Folic Acid 1 mg (100 ct)
XT006   Folic Acid 1 mg (500 ct)
XT013   Furosemide 20 mg (100 ct)
XT014   Furosemide 20 mg (500 ct)
XT035   Furosemide 40 mg (100 ct)
XT036   Furosemide 40 mg (500 ct)
XT031   Glipizide 5 mg (100 ct)
XT032   Glipizide 5 mg (500 ct)
XT029   Glyburide 3 mg (100 ct)
XT030   Glyburide 3 mg (500 ct)
XT021   Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg (100 ct)
XT022   Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg (500 ct)
XL007   Hydromorphone HCl, 473mL
SHIP   International Shipping
Shippping   International Shipping
XT007   Isosorbide Dinitrate 10 mg (100 ct)
XT008   Isosorbide Dinitrate 10 mg (500 ct)
XK172   IV Training Kit
XC019   Labetalol 100 mg (100 ct)
XC020   Labetalol 100 mg (500 ct)
XT125   Lisinopril 10mg (100 ct)
XT025   Lisinopril 2.5 mg (100 ct)
XT026   Lisinopril 2.5 mg (500 ct)
LC001   Long Term Care Card
XT019   Meloxicam 15 mg (100 ct)
XT020   Meloxicam 15 mg (500 ct)
XT027   Metformin (100 ct)
XT028   Metformin (500 ct)
XC005   Minocycline 100 mg (100 ct)
XC006   Minocycline 100 mg (500 ct)
XK250   MockMed Bundle
XP051   Multi-Strength Powder C
XC029   Nortriptyline HCI 25 mg (100 ct)
XC030   Nortriptyline HCI 25 mg (500 ct)
VM07   Obtaining Your Career Path - Audio CD by Mike Johnston
NA   Pharmacy Calculations Made Easy (go to www.rxmike.com )
XC025   Phenytoin 30 mg (100 ct)
XC026   Phenytoin 30 mg (500 ct)
XC003   Piroxicam 20 mg (100 ct)
XC004   Piroxicam 20 mg (500 ct)
XC009   Prazosin HCI 5 mg (100 ct)
XC010   Prazosin HCI 5 mg (500 ct)
XT009   Prednisone 5 mg (100 ct)
XT010   Prednisone 5 mg (500 ct)
XC039   Procainamide 250 mg (100 ct)
XC040   Procainamide 250 mg (500 ct)
000test   Product Price test
PK001   Pyxis Practice Meds Starter Kit
XC021   Rifampin 300 mg (100 ct)
XC022   Rifampin 300 mg (500 ct)
SK900   Sample Kit
UA001   SDS - Training Antibiotic: Amoxicillin
SS101   Small Starter Kit
XT023   Sodium Fluoride 0.5 mg (100 ct)
XT024   Sodium Fluoride 0.5 mg (500 ct)
XK400   Student Kit, Pharmacy Lab Educeuticals
XT100   Tablet Variety Pak A (19 x 100 ct)
XT200   Tablet Variety Pak B (9 x 100 ct., 10 x 500 ct)
XT300   Tablet Variety Pak C (19 x 500 ct)
UT100   Tablet Variety Pak D (19 x 50 unit dose)
xv054   TB Skin Test 0.5ml 25/pk
XC031   Terazosin 5 mg (100 ct)
XC032   Terazosin 5 mg (500 ct)
test123   test
XC015   Tetracycline 250 mg (100 ct)
XC016   Tetracycline 250 mg (500 mg)
XG511   Tinted Training Ampule, Methylergonovine, .2mg/mL (1mL)
XG700   Tinted Training Ampule, Promethazine 25/mg/mL (1mL)
XG701   Tinted Training Ampule, Promethazine HCl 50mg/mL (1mL)
XG104   Tinted Training Ampules (1ml)
XV011   Tinted Training Vial, Liquid (1mL)
XV201   Tinted Training Vial, Liquid (100mL)
XV101   Tinted Training Vial, Liquid (10mL)
XV121   Tinted Training Vial, Liquid (20mL)
XV021   Tinted Training Vial, Liquid (2mL)
XV131   Tinted Training Vial, Liquid (30mL)
XV031   Tinted Training Vial, Liquid (3mL)
XV041   Tinted Training Vial, Liquid (4mL)
XV151   Tinted Training Vial, Liquid (50mL)
XV051   Tinted Training Vial, Liquid (5mL)
XV525   Tinted Training Vials, Liquid Vial Variety Pak (25 vials)
XV540   Trainin Vial, Fluorouracil 50mg/mL (20mL vial)
AC001   Training Activated Charcoal, Powder for Reconstitution 25gm Bottle
RK002   Training Alteplase Kit, a Training Tissue Plasminogen Activator (100 mL)
RK001   Training Alteplase Kit, a Training Tissue Plasminogen Activator (50mL)
XG801   Training Ampule (10 mL)
XG205   Training Ampule (1mL), Naloxone 0.4mg/mL
XG301   Training Ampule, 3mL
XG613   Training Ampule, Busulfan 6mg/mL (10mL ampule)
XG605   Training Ampule, Dimenhydrinate HCl 50mg/mL (1mL amp)
XG606   Training Ampule, Fentanyl Citrate Injection 250mcg/5mL (50mcg/mL) 5mL ampule
XG612   Training Ampule, Hydromorphone HCl 1mg/mL (1mL ampule)
XG608   Training Ampule, Hydromorphone Hydrochloride Injection 10mg/mL (1mL Ampule)
XG603   Training Ampule, Isoproterenol 1mg/5mL (5mL ampule)
XG600   Training Ampule, Meperidine HCl Injection 100mg/mL (1mL ampule)
XG601   Training Ampule, Meperidine HCl Injection 75mg/mL (1mL ampule)
XG604   Training Ampule, Metoprolol Tartrate Injection 5mg/5mL
XG615   Training Ampule, Midazolam 5mg/5mL (5mL Ampule)
XG610   Training Ampule, Morphine Sulfate Injection CII 10mg/mL (1mL amber ampule)
XG016   Training Ampule, Nalbuphine Hydrochloride 10mg (10mg/mL) , 1 mL ampule
XG607   Training Ampule, Phytonadione Injectable Emulsion 10mg/mL (1mL Amber Ampule)
XG609   Training Ampule, Phytonadione Injectable Emulsion 1mg/0.5mL (1mL Amber Ampule)
XG614   Training Ampule, Teniposide 10mg/mL (5mL ampule)
XG202   Training Ampule, Tinted 2mL
XG611   Training Ampule: Atropine Sulfate 0.5mg/mL, ampule
XG616   Training Ampule: Diclofenac; 25mg/mL; 3mL
XG002   Training Ampule: Norepinephrine 4mg/4mL
XG001   Training Ampule: Sodium Ferric Gluconate Complex, 5mL
XG617   Training Ampule; Fentanyl; 50mcg/mL; 100mcg, 2mL ampule
XG618   Training Ampule; Ketorolac 30mg/mL; 1mL; tinted ampule
XG619   Training Ampule; Salbutamol Injection 0.5mg/mL; clear ampule
XG101   Training Ampules (1mL)
XG201   Training Ampules (2 mL)
XG203   Training Ampules (2mL) Digoxin
XG501   Training Ampules (5 mL)
XG602   Training Ampules, Ampule Variety Pak (25 ampules)
XG211   Training Ampules, Carboprost Tromethamine, 1mL
XG102   Training Ampules, Epinephrine Injection 1:1000 (1mg/mL)
XA001   Training Antibiotic - Amoxicillin
XA002   Training Antibiotic Suspension - Amoxicillin/Clavulanate Potassium, 100mL
XA003   Training Antibiotic Suspension, Cefprozil (75 mL)
UC017   Training Capsule, Acyclovir 250 mg - 50 Unit Dose
UC001   Training Capsule, Amoxicillin 500 mg - 50 Unit Dose
UC013   Training Capsule, Clindamycin 150 mg - 50 Unit Dose
UC011   Training Capsule, Clomipramine 25 mg - 50 Unit Dose
UC007   Training Capsule, Disopyramide 25 mg - 50 Unit Dose
UC005   Training Capsule, Minocycline 100mg - 50 Unit Dose
UC003   Training Capsule, Piroxicam 20 mg -50 Unit Dose
UC009   Training Capsule, Prazosin HCI 5 mg - 50 Unit Dose
UC015   Training Capsule, Tetracycline 250 mg - 50 Unit Dose
UC568   Training Capsules, Amoxicillin, 250mg, (unit dose)
UC569   Training Capsules, Ampicillin, 500mg, (unit dose)

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