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Student Kit, Pharmacy Lab Educeuticals
Student Kit, Pharmacy Lab Educeuticals
Our Price:$49.30

What is included in this kit:

- One (1) Topical Cream 30g Tube
- One (1) Topical Ointment 30g Tube
- One (1) Training Antibiotic Amoxicillin Suspension
- One (1) Training Antibiotic Amoxicillin/Potassium Clavunate Suspension
- Ten (10) Training Ampules 5mL
- Five (5) Training Vials 10mL
- Two (2) Training Vials Powder-C
- Three (3) Training Vials Powder-Y
- Three (3) Training Vials 5mL
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IV Training Kit
IV Training Kit
Our Price:$59.75

IV Training Kit Includes the following:

10 10mL Liquid Training Vials
6 10mL Powder C Training Vials
5 10mL Cefazolin Training Vials
2 Fluoracil 20mL Training Vials
10 2mL Training Ampules
2 10mL Glo Powder Vials
2 10mL Glo Liquid Vials
1 set Multiviatim Vials
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Custom Lab Kits
Custom Lab Kits
Our Price:$258.00

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